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Children's Extractions
Extracting baby teeth or adult teeth due to dental disease or orthodontic reasons.
Pain free injections using “The Wand”
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How long will it take?

30 mins

Will I need anaesthetic?


How Many Treatments Will I Need?
How many treatments will I need?


What Are Your Fees?
What are your fees?

from £100

Extraction sounds scary, but it is actually very straight forward. The methods we use ensure that the tooth is removed in the most comfortable way possible whilst aiding the healing of the area.

At Beverley Dental we are lucky to have a team that is specially trained and therefore caters for our patients who need more difficult extractions or removal of wisdom teeth. We are equipped and prepared to tackle any tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

We use the Wand with children to provide as close to painless anaesthetic as possible. Whenever a tooth is removed a little pushing can be felt but no pain.


Will my child be ok to go back to school?

This depends on what tooth for what reason, usually, yes, but speak to your dentist for the most appropriate advice for your child’s case.

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