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Dr Céline Higton

Dr Céline Higton

BDS Hons (KCL)

“A wise man (my father) once told me that the word ‘job’ is not at all appropriate if you find the right one. The right job will not feel like a job, it will be a passion and a huge source of enjoyment- that’s dentistry for me.”

Hello! My name is Dr Céline Higton and I am leading associate dentist at Beverley Dental. Since starting out on my dental career I have worked hard to stay at the top of the profession, it is an ever-changing field and one that is important to keep abreast of and evolve with.  I am frequently attending courses to further enhance my practical and theoretical skillset and will always endeavour to deliver that elusive ‘gold standard’. I am meticulous and thorough in my approach to each case; often using clinical photography as well as X-rays to explain my examination findings and ensure that my patients have a clear understanding of the diagnoses and ultimately the treatment options available to them. It is hugely important to me that my patients’ needs and worries are fully attended to and no questions are left unanswered.

I qualified with Distinction and honours from King’s College London; this university is consistently ranked within the top five in the world for dentistry. During my time there I received a number of prizes and awards for excellence in clinical dentistry, academic theory and patient management. It is so important to me to deliver dentistry in a relaxed and respectful manner, many of my patients even go as far as saying that they now look forward to their visits to the dentist!

I enjoy and practice all aspects of general dentistry, but have a particular interest in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Throughout my life I have always been drawn to the artistic side of things, I have drawn portraits since secondary school and take great pride in creating precise and accurate work (some call it OCD – I call it artistry). I will therefore happily take on challenging cosmetic cases as I know that the processes involved in completing such cases are where many of my strengths lie.

I am also trained in Facial Aesthetics and Invisalign clear aligners – both excellent additions to the ‘cosmetic dentist’ package. I have an eye for detail and proportion so whether they are after a winning smile, a more youthful appearance or simply a small tweak here and there, I will be sure to address my patients’ every need and concern whilst ensuring that their treatment experience is an overwhelmingly positive one.

Outside of the dental setting I enjoy keeping fit and active. I love extreme sports such as skiing and kite surfing and am often living life in the fast lane as a self-confessed petrol head. I also enjoy simple pleasures such as escaping to the countryside and being at one with nature when the hustle and bustle of city life becomes a bit much. I like to think of myself as a very approachable and caring person and ensure to direct these characteristics into my role as a health care provider as without fail, my top priority is you, my patient.

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